My name is Jessy.
20 years old. resident of mi. tattoo addict. wander of the world. in search of truth and love. love free and love whole. i smell a revolution of consciousness, it's in the air.

I think my souls most personal conflict is founded on this:
I want to have such thick skin, I will push up against my walls of comfort whenever I can. Tattoos, wreckless lifestyle choices. I fuckin like gritty and dirty and deviance… Every shining light is fueled by some sort of heat. And I got a lot of energy, man.

So it may be

I am too much a loner for the rest of humanity, may be?


I know drugs are bad and that they ruin families but so does monopoly and that’s still legal

Ruins existence and that’s MORE SO

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Cleansing Magically- A how to post


So this took forever to write, but here it is! A giant post of various ways to cleanse spaces, and objects.

This is REALLY long, so I am sorry in advance. I did put a read more to keep it small.

So first, a definition.

cleansing is a method of spiritually…